A very short piece on the importance of looking out for those in your network.

When researching for my first book I came across the following quote which really resonated:

'Opportunities increase when you help others win. A little win for a partner is a little win for you'.

I often say that having an opportunistic mindset is a crucial factor in developing successful partner relations – but that’s not just about opportunities for yourself.  Treating everyone in your network as a potential partner and looking out for them where you can has so many benefits.

Here’s a few of my favourites for starters:

·      It feeds the ecosystem. If people within your network are more successful, then it raises the bar of the network as a whole. The higher that bar the more money and opportunity there is to go around.

·      It feels good – for you, and the other party. A simple introduction, or a an idea you’ve had about someone’s product or service, can take no time at all to make/give; but the fact you’ve though about it and done it (even if it doesn’t come to fruition) will make the other person feel a little bit special. And I don’t know about you, but if I can put a smile on someone’s face then that’s definitely a good thing.

·      It raises your profile as a connector within your network – which means more people want to be connected to you, which means more opportunities will come your way, for you and others. It’s a virtuous circle of opportunity.

·      The Law of Reciprocatory. Don’t give to receive, do it because you’re a giver (and for any of the other reasons already listed or the countless more I could list), but a by-product will be that the people you’ve helped will be actively looking for way to repay the favour. Even people you’re yet to help, but know of your reputation as a connector, will be looking for opportunities for you.

Think about the best thing that’s happened on the back of an opportunity you’ve helped create for others.

And now think about what could you do today that could help generate a win for someone in your network.

If we all did more of this the world would be a much better place for everyone on it.

Power to the Partnership!
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