The Collaboration Junkie Partnership Manifesto

Partnerships are important, No, partnerships are essential to the way we do business, now and in the future, and we commit to giving them the time, effort, focus, and appreciation they deserve.

We live in a relationship economy and the strength of our partnerships is the strength of our business.

From channel sales to joint ventures. Business partners to affiliates. Friendly agreements to formal contracts. Not all partnerships were created equal, but all command equal respect.

Be it our network, our colleagues, suppliers, customers, friends and family, we commit to nurturing each and every one of these relationships in a way that provides real value.

Time will be taken to understand what that value should look like for everyone involved. It will be based on empathy with our partners values, not just our own perceptions – and we would appreciate the same considerations in return.

No longer will partnerships be used as another word for sales in a job title, with inflexible processes and an inward facing approach and mindset.

There is now a commitment to viewing them in a progressive manner. We will look to create ecosystems where everyone involved has the opportunity to thrive in his, her, or their own way, so that the sum of the individual parts creates something far greater than the reach, impact and value achievable individually.

We will try, where possible, for our partnerships to create a force for social good. Be it directly through the results of our work, or indirectly through the actions we’re able to undertake, as a business or individual, from increased success or visibility.

As we embrace a partnership culture, we will be presented with increasing levels to engage. We will know when to act quickly and seize on these opportunities. But more importantly we’ll learn when to say no. If the value exchange doesn’t work (in anyone’s favour), when something just doesn’t feel right, or when we’re just too busy right now to do the partnership justice, we’ll act with integrity and take a pass to preserve the relationship, ready for when the time and opportunity is right.

With the opportunity ready mindset that we develop, we will spot more connections for others as well. We will facilitate these introductions, understanding that adding value to our network is key to developing and maintaining our reputation as someone who sees the power of promoting partnerships.

Mistakes will be made, lessons will be learnt. But there won’t be failures, only opportunities to improve in the future, as partnerships are the most important factor in our future success.

We understand that a successful partnership has the power to do immense good for all those involved, and have a ripple effect that can amplify the result and positively affect many more.

Because of all this and more we make an unwavering declaration to believe, and more importantly trust, in the power of partnerships.

Power to the Partnership
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