The Collaboration Junkie Repeat Referral Workshop

I’ve always been nervous of asking for referrals, afraid of coming across as over selling. Dave’s referral workshop has transformed my thinking and inspired me to take action. I’m now comfortable asking, with the knowledge of when and how to ask in the right way, and used this to great effect to fill my recent event. The whole morning was a load of fun, with a great energy, and is already paying dividends.'

Daryl Woodhouse – performance and life / work balance expert

Referrals and word of mouth introductions are THE best type of lead you can receive into your business. They already trust your brand, and your reputation and services have already been presold by someone who’s actually experienced them.

In a recent survey 62% of business owners said that referrals played a key part of their lead generation, and a further 29% said it was in the mix, and wanted to grow. That's more than 9 out of 10 business owners seeing it as a vital branch of their growth strategy.

But very few had an actual strategy behind it.
This workshop will give you, or improve, the skills, processes, and confidence to ask for, and receive, referrals on a consistent basis. 

The result? A steady flow of pre-qualified leads into your business that are easy to convert, and go on to refer you to their own contacts.

As well as uncovering the blocks or gaps you currently have, you’ll also come away understanding:

* Who, When, and How to ask for referrals

* Methods for making it so easy for people to refer you that it becomes second nature
* What to do to keep those referrals coming in on a consistent basis
* The secret strategy that will make you the most referable person in your network
* How to keep the people that refer you feeling valued

This interactive workshop isn't about trying to turn every friendly introducer, or informal relationship, you have into a hardened sales person for your brand.

What it is about is giving you proven techniques to make asking for and receiving referrals a stress free part of your lead generation strategy that delivers value for everyone concerned.

The strategies we’ll provide you will work across all sectors and size of business, and cover a range of communication styles and formats – from digital to in person.

If you want to have some fun, whilst building a strategy for your business that will deliver real, repeatable results, then we’d love for you to join us, book on now.

(Note: It’s a full morning workshop, but don’t worry – there’s plenty of interaction and time for a couple of decent breaks as well!)

This launch workshop is only £175, and won’t be run at this price again. To keep the event both interactive and relevant we limit places to 10 businesses only so we recommend booking early!

For every booking we receive, we'll plant 5 trees in one of the worst-hit deforestation areas in Indonesia - protecting the habitat of many unique species of wildlife, including the awesome orangutans, for future generations.
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