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Be it sitting at table over a beer putting the world to rights with friends, having a conversation at an event or business meeting, or debating something online; thoughts and opinions can often be the spark needed to ignite change and progression.

Here's a few of ours:

Blogs & Articles

Click here to read some pieces that you might find interesting, thought provoking or inspiring. And you can sign up to the Collaboration Junkie weekly newsletter for a summary of the most up to date thoughts, musings and general mischief making.

Podcast & Videos

The Collaboration Junkie podcast brings together the good, the bad and the ugly of people working in or influencing the partnerships and collaboration space.

It's launching very soon so check back for more details.

In the meantime you can have a listen to Dave guesting on the Master Mind Growth podcast here:

What started as something to pop our founder Dave’s video cherry has grown into a weekly segment on various gripes, grumbles, and first world problems that I’m sure we can all get behind!

Click here to visit our Youtube channel to see them in their full glory.

A picture tells a thousand words. Well, these aren’t pictures but they are quotes that, like any great partnership or collaboration, provide us with much greater inspiration then the sum of their parts.

We hope they stir something in you as well. Power to the Partnership.

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