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Here’s our founder, Dave’s, thoughts on all things partnership and collaboration. We’ll be adding to these as we go, and in the spirit of what we do, bringing in some awesome guest posters, so remember to check back regularly – or even better subscribe!

Why don't we ask for Referrals?

They’re almost certainly the best type of lead your business can receive, and yet so many of us, even those who are highly referable, don’t ask for them.

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5 reasons your next big collaboration could fail

I've made or witnessed a fair few mistakes over the last 20 years of building businesses based on partnerships. I'm sure I've still got a few more to make, but here's some of what I've learned so far.

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Lessons from Lego

Lego are the absolute masters at, amongst other things, using partnerships and collaborations to add value to their brand. Here’s just some of the reasons why.

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How well do you REALLY know your customers?

Adding value is key in any partnership but it can be easy to presume that you know how to deliver this. It's not often that Apple are used as an example of a brand getting something wrong, but here's an example of where they did so spectacularly.

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The Sound of Success

Partnerships and Collaborations are often used to break into new markets. But in the case of Uber and Spotify that wasn’t the case. They had the same target market and worked together to enhance the service to that audience and simultaneously increase brand exposure. Here’s a really short piece on why this particular collaboration hit all the right notes.

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Using Collaboration and Partnerships to boost self-worth & confidence

All getting a bit much at times? Working and living collaboratively can have a huge impact on our mental fitness. This is a short piece originally written for the wonderful people over at the International Stress Management Association.

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Working together to solve the problem

Google and Apple coming together to solve the problem of contact tracing is a perfect example of collaboration in my book. Here's a short piece on just why this is such a great example.

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 Are you Opportunity ready?

 A very short piece on the importance of looking out for those in your network. 

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Going, going, gone... how some partnerships are best undone

In business, as in life, not all partnerships will last forever. But that doesn't have to mean bitter feuds, blocked profiles, and feelings of resentment. Here’s how one celebrity business pairing are managing their break up in the perfect way.

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Playing the long game

Got a collaboration that's not performing as well as it was? Maybe look to adapt rather than write it off. The rewards could be staggering. 

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Why Partnerships?

One of the first pieces I ever wrote – here’s a few reasons why partnerships could be key for your business. 

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