Who is The Collaboration Junkie?

Our founder, Dave Plunkett, believes passionately in the power of partnerships. So much so that he authored an entire manifesto on the subject. He’s experienced this first-hand and has created positive partnerships to build several successful businesses of his own prior to founding Collaboration Junkie. Dave is still the man behind all our products and content, apart from when he’s collaborating with others to bring that to you!  

The king of collaboration

Over the course of his career, Dave has developed hundreds, if not thousands, of partnerships, most recently those that are integral to his membership benefits business allowing him to reach over half a million small business owners. This allows him to work with market leading brands, helping them connect their products and services to their target market.

Having both literally and metaphorically written the book on partnerships, Dave is now passionate about supporting ambitious business leaders and sales directors to develop their own game-changing partnership programs, saving them time, avoiding the risk of wasted opportunity, and ultimately scaling up their businesses at a rate they only dreamed of previously.
A note from Dave

Collaboration runs through everything I do and believe in; from work, to friends and family, and my approach to the wider world – something I passionately believe we all need to take action on.

It started before I even know I was doing it, but here’s some of the highlights so far:

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